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Legal service

We specialize in family law. We conduct marital divorce and separation cases. Our clients can count on a professional assessment of the chances of divorce with a guilty verdict, preparation of a lawsuit and representation before the court. In addition, we are active in the real estate industry, inheritance cases, labor law and criminal law. Feel free to contact us, also if you only need legal advice.

Usługi prawne, kancelaria radcy prawnego w Gdańsku

Legal services Gdansk​,​ Poland

Our office is located in Gdańsk, but our services are available both in the Tri-City, the province of Pomeranian and throughout the country. Our team has extensive experience in family, inheritance, real estate, labor and criminal law. As our competences go beyond the standard framework of legal services, we include detective competences in our activities for our clients. We are able to verify existing evidence and obtain new evidence for any type of court case.

Legal services for individual clients

Marital matters – divorce / separation ​

Evaluation of whether there are chances of a divorce with a guilty verdict. Assessment of whether it is worth applying for a separation order. Preparation of divorce/separation petitions. Representation before the court in divorce / separation cases. Conducting cases to determine the existence or non-existence of a marriage, as well as cases for annulment of marriage.

Relationships between parents and children

Drafting applications for entrusting parental authority, its limitation, suspension, deprivation or restoration. Drafting applications to establish contacts with the child, change or limit them. Drafting claims for alimony, their reduction or increase. Drafting claims for termination of maintenance obligations. Drafting applications for a decision on important matters of the child regarding, among others, place of residence, permission to issue a passport, the child’s departure abroad, choice of school and the method of treatment. Preparation of lawsuits for denial and determination of paternity.

Division of property

Preparation of applications for the division of joint property of spouses after the end of marriage. Preparation of applications for the abolition of co-ownership of movable and immovable property, e.g. buildings, dwellings or land.

Real estate – usucaption / easement

Analyzing the legal status of real estate. Preparation and verification of real estate lease and lease agreements, with particular emphasis on lease agreements for commercial premises located in shopping malls and logistics centers. Verification of development contracts in terms of the use of abusive clauses by the developer. Representing both applicants and participants in proceedings for confirmation of the acquisition of real estate by acquisitive prescription. Conducting proceedings for the establishment of transmission easement and necessary road easement. Conducting proceedings for the release of real estate and infringement of real estate possession.

Inheritance matters

Comprehensive advice on legal solutions regarding the disposal of assets in the event of death. Conducting proceedings for confirmation of inheritance acquisition, division of inheritance, legitim, invalidation of a will, annulment of a will.

Labor law

Drawing up employment contracts and civil law contracts on the basis of which services will be provided (including mandate contracts, contracts for specific work). Preparation of non-competition agreements and agreements on material liability of employees. Preparation of work regulations, remuneration regulations and other internal documents in the field of labor law. Representation in court proceedings both on the side of employees and employers in matters related to labor law – e.g. in cases for payment of remuneration, holiday pay, compensation for unlawful termination of employment.

Criminal cases

Preparation of notifications of suspected crime. Representing the victim at the stage of preparatory proceedings and court proceedings, as an auxiliary prosecutor. Preparation of private and subsidiary indictments.

Legal services for business clients

Establishment / registration of companies

Advising on the selection of the appropriate legal and tax form of the planned business activity, with particular emphasis on legal solutions allowing for the optimization of tax liabilities. Drafting articles of association for civil law partnerships and commercial law companies (including general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company), as well as texts of the statutes of joint-stock companies and limited joint-stock partnerships. Registration of companies in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.

Transformations / mergers / divisions

Comprehensive implementation of transformation processes of commercial law companies. Implementation of transformation processes of sole proprietorships into capital companies. Carrying out mergers of commercial law companies. Conducting processes of divisions of capital companies.

Shareholders/shareholder agreements

Preparation and verification of shareholder agreements, taking into account business arrangements. Presenting and implementing solutions securing the financial and legal interests of each partner/shareholder.

Investment agreements

Preparation and verification of investment agreements, taking into account business arrangements and financial and legal interests of the client.

Incentive programs

Preparation and implementation of managerial option programs and incentive programs for key people managing the company.

Management contracts

Preparation, verification and negotiation of managerial contracts and non-competition agreements.

Corporate service

Servicing the bodies of capital companies – meetings of Supervisory Boards / Audit Committees and Management Boards. Comprehensive services for shareholders’ meetings and general shareholders’ meetings (including general shareholders’ meetings of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange). Drafting regulations of management boards, supervisory boards/review committees, as well as instructions and orders of the above-mentioned bodies, and other internal corporate documents. Conducting registration proceedings in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register. Providing support in corporate disputes, both at the pre-trial and court stage.

Liquidation of companies

Comprehensive conduct of liquidation processes of commercial law companies. Carrying out the processes of termination of commercial law companies, without carrying out the liquidation process.