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Divorce cases

DIVORCE MATTERS | PROOF OF BETRAYAL | COURT MATERIALSThe legal and detective agency specializes in handling divorce cases and collecting evidence for the court. As part of our services, we offer: checking the partner’s fidelity, collecting evidence of infidelity, documenting the reason for the breakdown of the marriage, securing financial information, assessing the chances of divorce with a guilty verdict, comprehensive case management and presenting the collected materials to the court.
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Kancelaria prawno detektywistyczna specjalizująca się w zbieraniu dowodów do spraw rozwodowych

Divorce detective Gdansk

The law and detective agency “” specializes in conducting and collecting evidence for divorce cases. We will assess for you the chances of a divorce with a fault decision, assess whether it is worth applying for a separation, we will prepare a petition for divorce/separation, we will conduct a case to determine the existence or non-existence of a marriage as well as cases for annulment of marriage. Our headquarters is located in the Tri-City. Most often we serve clients from Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Słupsk, Elbląg and the surrounding towns, but we are open to the implementation of activities throughout the country and abroad. We will guide your actions so that you can secure a better position in court. We will collect evidence that is crucial to the divorce case and present it during the trial. If you want to fight for your rights, ensure your financial security by applying for a divorce with a guilty verdict, do not wait! The sooner we start working, the more valuable materials we will secure.

We realize that divorce is often the only option, but making the final decision can be very difficult. During the implementation of our activities, we will provide you with psychological care and help in completing the formalities. Our employees are outstanding experts in their fields. We approach each order individually. We are discreet, we act professionally.

Zbieranie dokumentacji fotograficznej do sprawy rozwodowej z powodu zdrady partnera.

Evidence of infidelity detective divorce

If you suspect your partner of infidelity, you want to check his/her fidelity and you are not sure about your decision to divorce, we will help you by presenting hard evidence and possible scenarios for getting out of this difficult situation.

Remember that you are alone! By applying to us, you will be supported by a whole team of people who have been operating in the industry for over a dozen years! Thanks to our narrow specialization in divorce, we will present you with possible scenarios during the initial conversation. If you feel cheated by your partner, you have the right to fight for your rights in court! Infidelity is one of the most common causes of marriage breakdowns. You will fight for your future with us!

Collecting materials for divorce cases

The more evidence you gather, the more likely you are to end up in court! Don’t wait with your decision. Take matters into your own hands and start collecting key materials to present in court today.

Obtaining incriminating materials that have value in court is not a simple matter, but it is necessary. Remember that statements or bills alone may not be enough. In many cases, the key evidence may be documentation in the form of photographs, audio and video materials. Also, the testimony of a hired private detective may be important for the final of the case.

Gromadzenie materiałów do spraw rozwodowych

Divorce Specialization

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the website of the detective and legal agency. The creator of the detective and legal agency is a solicitor who also has a detective license. We specialize in collecting evidence for divorce cases. The combination of competences and professions of a legal adviser and a detective guarantees you that all activities carried out by a detective and legal agency will be carried out in accordance with applicable law and respect for the ethics of a legal adviser and detective, which is reflected in the high quality of services provided.

Comprehensive detective and legal services in divorce cases

The goal of the detective and legal agency is to provide clients with a comprehensive detective and legal service, which will save you time and money, and avoid additional formalities. One person performing the profession of a legal adviser and a detective at the same time will coordinate and be responsible for the operational and formal and legal solution to your problem – starting from the initial diagnosis of the problem and obtaining information, to its analysis, presenting all possible legal solutions tailored to a specific problem, ending with bringing cases to the court and representing the client in the course of divorce proceedings.

Our divorce office is located in Gdańsk

The detective and legal agency has extensive operational capabilities thanks to cooperation with detective agencies and private detectives operating throughout the country, mainly in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, and in particular in the areas of cities such as: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Słupsk, Elbląg. The pooling of resources allows us to act quickly and efficiently.

We treat each entrusted case individually and with full commitment. We are people experienced in providing detective and legal services for entrepreneurs and individual clients, and at the same time professionals – that’s why our clients can count not only on discretion, but also on the level of personal culture that is in line with the profession of a legal adviser.

We have modern technical facilities and contacts that allow us to coordinate activities throughout the country

We cooperate with several large detective agencies, thanks to which we are able to carry out cases that require the participation of more detectives, including: Detective agency, Detective office, Detective services, Detective Gdańsk, Detective Gdynia. We ensure the confidentiality of information provided to us during and after the cooperation.

Our advantages

Professional detective services

We obtain information about persons, objects and events acting on behalf of individual clients and entrepreneurs. We specialize in obtaining evidence and conducting divorce cases.

Representation in court cases

We focus our activities not only on detective services, thanks to which we obtain valuable and reliable evidence, but also in the courtroom, where we effectively use the obtained evidence to represent our clients.

Legal detective services

We conduct divorce cases from the moment it is reported by the client, through detective activities aimed at obtaining and collecting evidence, to a successful final in the courtroom.

Competence and experience

We have the necessary qualifications and authorizations to represent clients in court and conduct detective activities.

Innovativeness of action

We use the latest investigative techniques and reach for innovative methods of operation. We handle cases all over the country!

Responsibility and commitment

We approach the tasks entrusted to us with full commitment and responsibility for the work done.

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Nagrania dźwiękowe i audiowizualne jako dowód w sprawie rozwodowej

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