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Detective Services

Our detective company specializes in obtaining divorce materials, but thanks to several years of experience, we provide a full range of services for both private and business clients. Thanks to years of practice and cooperation with the best agencies in the country in solving high-profile media cases, we have mastered the operating procedures and detective techniques to perfection. Feel free to contact us without obligation. You will present your problem to us and we will suggest possible scenarios for solving it.

Usługi detektywistyczne Gdańsk

Detective Services Gdansk, Poland

We have a current detective license, our services are available throughout the country. We cooperate with several large detective agencies, thanks to which we are able to carry out cases that require the participation of more detectives, including: Detective agency, Detective office, Detective services, Detective Gdańsk, Detective Gdynia.

Detective services for individual clients

Marital and partner infidelity

Observation of a spouse or partner and collecting evidence in the form of photographic documentation and audio-video recordings. Confirmation or exclusion of marital or partner infidelity.
Collecting evidence of treason

Child custody verification

Verification whether the child’s father/mother properly takes care of the child during contact with the child during separation or after divorce.

Parental control of children

Observation of children in order to determine what kind of company they stay with and how they spend their free time in the absence of parents. Determining whether children do not use psychotropic substances and narcotic substances, and whether they do not consume alcohol. Verification of children’s partners in terms of pathological behavior.

Checking babysitters

Conducting interviews about the candidate for a babysitter in terms of their professional background. Observation of babysitters during their care in order to check their reliability and the way they provide care. Determining whether the babysitter does not commit theft in the client’s apartment/house.

Family Matters

Interviewing a family member (residence address, workplace address, checking the family member’s daily schedule, maintaining contacts). Determining the financial situation of a family member. Searching for the assets of a family member.

Searching for biological parents

Helping adopted people in finding their biological family – parents or siblings.

Collecting evidence for court proceedings

Gathering evidence – in the form of identifying witnesses and obtaining documents necessary to prove facts and circumstances in court proceedings.

Searching for missing and hiding people

Determining the whereabouts of missing and hiding people. Determining the reasons and circumstances related to the disappearance and hiding of people.

Harassment and mobbing in the workplace

Advice and consultations on how to proceed in the event of harassment or mobbing in the workplace. Assistance in gathering evidence for legal proceedings to prove the existence of harassment or mobbing in the workplace.

Detective services for business clients

Eavesdropping detection, checking company premises

We check and protect company premises against unfair competition. We detect eavesdropping devices that record audio and video. We have specialized equipment that allows you to quickly check the room and the location of recording and capturing devices. If you suspect unfair competition or your own employees in your company, do not hesitate! We act quickly and comprehensively. We will discreetly check your public meeting places such as restaurants, offices, companies and private apartments.

Contractor credibility analysis

Verification of contractors in terms of establishing the legality of their business activity (among others, analysis of the contractor’s files in the National Court Register). Determining the actual place of business by contractors. Checking the timely fulfillment of obligations by contractors, the payment capacity of contractors.

Determining the quality of services offered by contractors

Conducting an interview on the quality of services provided by contractors, collecting opinions on the existing cooperation with contractors by third parties. Anonymous checking of the quality and standards of services offered by contractors.

Verification of the credibility of partners/business partners

Verification of information provided by a partner/business partner. Checking a partner’s/business partner’s daily schedule. Determining the financial situation of a partner/business partner.

Debt handling

Sending payment requests. Monitoring and debt recovery. Conducting negotiations with debtors in order to determine the terms of debt repayment. Concluding pre-court settlements setting out the terms of debt repayment.

Verification of employees and candidates

Conducting interviews in previous places of employment regarding candidates for employees. Verification of the professional experience of candidates for employees and the documents submitted by them. Verification of the correct use of sick leave by employees. Observation of employees during their work in order to identify the perpetrators of theft and other abuses in the workplace, as well as actions taken to the detriment of the employer. Monitoring the movement of sales representatives entrusted with company cars.

Cooperation with insurance companies and financial institutions

Verification of the authenticity of events reported to insurance companies. Determining the perpetrators of road accidents,
Identifying witnesses to events. Determining the actual extent of the damage caused by the event and the extent to which insurance fraudsters contributed. Loan fraud detection. Making determinations regarding intent to commit a credit fraud offence. Making findings regarding the financial situation of credit fraudsters.

Cooperation with transport companies

Monitoring the movement of company cars. Determining whether drivers steal fuel from company cars. Monitoring and protection of transported goods.

Acts of unfair competition

Identification of acts of unfair competition, prohibited collusion or commercial agreements. Documenting acts of unfair competition. Determining entities/persons involved in acts of unfair competition.