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Evidence of betrayal detective Gdansk

We have been providing our detective services in Gdańsk for over a dozen years. In the course of conducting various cases, we have specialized in divorce cases. One of our main tasks is to collect evidence and verify the betrayal of a spouse/partner.

Zbieranie dowodów zdrady niewierności Gdańsk

Collecting evidence of treason

As part of our detective services, we offer, among others: observation of a spouse or partner and collecting evidence in the form of photographic documentation and audio-video recordings. Effective confirmation or exclusion of marital or partner infidelity. Analysis and verification of the collected materials by the client and assistance in collecting legally legal evidence of treason. In addition, we are able to advise and guide the client through all the steps of a divorce case, from filing a lawsuit to conducting the case and presenting the evidence collected during the investigation in court.

The result of our work is a comprehensive report containing a list of evidence obtained and, in the case of marital infidelity, possible scenarios for further proceedings, including, inter alia, Filing a divorce petition, fighting for custody of children and divorce on fault.

Our detective services are available in Gdańsk and the surrounding towns, but often as part of the tasks we perform, we follow the observed object to the other end of the country, e.g. during a work delegation or company integration trips.

Stages of work during the collection of evidence

We guarantee full confidentiality and discretion during the implementation of activities, as well as reliable and effective assistance in obtaining the necessary evidence and preparing documentation for the court.

1. We analyze the case and prepare a comprehensive valuation of the service
2. After accepting the valuation of the service, we proceed to operational activities
3. We start a discreet investigation involving the minimum resources required to successfully complete the action
4. Providing the client with the collected evidence confirming or excluding the betrayal of the partner
5. Advice and legal support in further stages of divorce proceedings